The Office for Product Safety and Standards issued a recall for North Face Hoodies due to them presenting "a serious risk of strangulation."

The product is part of the clothing brand's Teen's Hoodie selection and has a model number of 7X4U.

The product is described as: "100% Cotton hoodie knitted product with front Kangoroo pocket, a two-pieced hood and TNF logo on the front and on the back.

"Product intended for teens aged between 6 and 18 years old, sizes XS – XL. This product has drawstrings with free ends in the hood and neck area."

York Press: Canva - The North Face hoodies present a risk of strangulationCanva - The North Face hoodies present a risk of strangulation (Image: Canva)

In an OPSS statement online, the standards agency said: "The product presents a risk of strangulation as there are drawstrings with free ends in the hood of the product. Drawstrings can become trapped during various activities of a child, leading to potential strangulation.

North Face said that the corrective action for this issue is to return the purchased product to the store where it was acquired for a full refund.

It added that a product collection can also be arranged by contacting

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What is a product recall?

If there is a problem with a product or if that product is dangerous to consumers, then a recall may be issued.

This means that a consumer should return the product or arrange for it to be collected.

To find out more about the OPSS, please visit the Office for Product Safety and Standards website.