A FORMER director of a York security firm has called for all pub and nightclub doormen to be tested for drugs.

Deane Hibbert, a former director of Full Stop Security, which supplies doormen to a number of bars and takeaways in York, believes all door staff should have to take a compulsory drugs test before they are employed.

He claims it would bring the profession into line with similar professions.

"My concerns are that our longstanding profession has always been steeped with criminality and issues around door staff and other security staff being involved in soliciting the sale of contraband substances which are illegal under UK law," he said.

"What the security profession doesn't make provision for like for is random drug testing as a condition of employment as in the case of the police.

"I think it would be fair to assume that there are individuals within our security networks who indulge in and sell illegal substances while carrying out their duties in their various places of employment.

"All you need to do is go out in York on a Friday or Saturday night to see how grotesque some of the door supervisors appear - muscle bound, full of negative attitude and aggression.

"Many people seem to know what goes on but don't seem interested enough to challenge such behaviours. My challenge to York Council would be to research the issue and implement strategies to combat this ever increasing problem before it's too late to save our community from this epidemic."