On the 19th of November, I went into a new café in Elloughton called Julie’s. I spoke to the manager, Jade Gore, about the café and about how it has always been a dream of her mum’s to open a café. The previously named tearoom, The Village Paint Pot, is now named after the owner, Julie. The beautiful pistachio green and white themed tearoom serves a wide range of delicious home-made cakes and baked goods, sandwiches, milkshakes, and hot drinks: a favourite drink of Jade’s to make is their lovely coffees (I must admit that their hot chocolate is probably one of the best I’ve ever had). The prices are always very affordable and there is something for everyone, even if you don’t like cakes and coffee (I think their coffee cake will make you change your mind though)

The café opened in early October, quickly after the hasty decision to make this dream come true. That weekend was their six-week anniversary. With its perfect location, and gorgeous exterior, it attracts lots of passers-by; from walkers and cyclists to school children, so they’ve already made a name for themselves.

Next, I spoke to Jade about starting a business and the struggles with loutish customers. She told me that with rude customers “the customer is always right… you just agree, agree, and move on” and that composure is key. Some of her top tips to starting a business are “be patient, be happy, and work as a team”, a perfect representation of how the wonderful Julie’s team is. I definitely recommend taking a short trip to check Julie’s out, maybe after a nice walk through the Wolds Way around Elloughton and Brantingham or just for a nice lunch.