At Tranby school in Anlaby, children from years 7 – 13 can participate in the golf program instead of the regular curriculum sports, such as rugby and football. Is spoke to a year 10 student, Benjamin Roberts, who has been doing this for the past 2 years. The Tranby golf program operates at Hull golf course in Kirk Ella, as Benjamin told me, it has perfect facilities for all weathers, “they have great indoor facilities for when it’s wet outside, which really helps with our progress.”.

During these sessions, which occur once a week, when games is on the timetable, the students go to Hull golf club and can work on their driving, using irons, and putting. The students are also allowed to participate in competitions if they want to. Benjamin told me that he and his friend Oliver Rotlaan went to a competition a few months ago, he tells me that there are many more upcoming comps he is looking forward to competing in.

During these practices they are allowed to go out onto the course, “it really improves our manner and our etiquette”. I spoke to him about what his appeal to the golf program was and he told me, “I really enjoy it, it really appeals to me. I don’t really like playing contacts sports, so this really appeals to my interests.”. Benjamin also told me that his favourite thing about the lessons is the way in which they are taught, “it's very personalised teaching, and were all taught in our own special way.”

The Tranby golf program is perfect for anybody who does not enjoy contact sports, as Benjamin told me, and prefer a more relaxed and different style of teaching. It provides the children with an opportunity to enjoy sports without the contact aspect, “it’s something that most other schools can’t match, and I’m really proud to say that I do it.”. I’m sure that many of the other children involved in the program feel the same way too.