Saturday the 15th of October in Beverley leisure centre, Track Fitness and Boxing Club hosted a show. 6:00pm the doors opened, and the first bout began at 7pm.

It was a busy night with sixteen bouts;families and friends coming in support of all the fighters. The show contained a line of fighters with varying experiences, some new to these events while others more experienced.

Being part of this popular, worldwide sport is a wonderful experience for many. Those who are part of a community with people who can be widely different from you but with the connection of the sport your part of, can be brilliant. Jordan Thorne, says in an interview 

“The skills you will need are dedication, courage and confidence,” these skills were certainly shown by members of the Beverly boxing club and came to the advantage of numerus accomplishments. 

I have never been interested in the sport but going to the show and observing people’s passion for it and the excitement they have, brings a buzz into the atmosphere and is really amazing. Seeing my 2 Cousins, who are part of Beverly boxing club, compete and showing their triumphs is generally, really a remarkable thing to watch.