YORK dad-of-two Dave Magill is so grateful to Acomb scouts for the joy and fun they have brought his two 'energetic little boys' that he has pledged to donate every penny of profit from sale of two new children's books to the scout group.

Dave's two sons Joshi, 7, and Isaac, 4, only joined the 2nd Acomb St Stephen’s Scouts Group earlier this year.

"But it has been amazing for them, to be honest," he said.

"Seeing the children thrive at the group has been wonderful - so the decision to offer this support was an easy one!"

Dave, who in his day job runs Paper Boats - an international charity providing 'creative learning' hubs for children in India and the UK - wrote his two books for his eldest son.

They describe the adventures of Noah Fisher (loosely based on Dave's own son) and his cousin Esme.

In Professor Curiosity Saves Christmas, Noah discovers that Santa has been kidnapped by a rival toy maker.

Can Noah and Esme save Christmas? With the help of some very famous (and not-so famous) people they set off to do just that...

In Professor Curiosity versus Ermentrude Glock, meanwhile, Noah and Esme try to save Esme’s football team from sabotage.

“I wrote these books because my own son once said to me that he had not seen someone with a brain like his in any of the books he had read," said Dave, who lives in Acomb.

"Noah is basically my son with another name. These are books about a young boy, his curious brain and his very talented cousin.

"I hope in reading them children will laugh and have fun but also realise that they are brilliant just as they are!"

Dave said he attended a group similar to the scouts when he was a boy. "They filled my childhood with joy as well as a safe place and group of friends outside of school, which I often found difficult," he said.

"If the sales of these little books can help children experience the joys I did as a child, and that I see my own children experiencing at scouts, I will be delighted.”

Becky Lincoln, the group scout leader of 2nd Acomb Scouts, said she was 'humbled and proud' that one of the group's parents was prepared to make such a generous offer.

"I'm really pleased that Dave's children are enjoying being members of our group," she said.

"It makes us feel that we are doing a good job!"

Professor Curiosity Saves Christmas and Professor Curiosity versus Ermentrude Glock are published by Dave himself, and are available, priced £6.99, from Amazon. They can also be ordered from local bookshops. All profits will go to the scouts.