If you're a fan of the Royals and want to catch a glimpse of King Charles III and the Queen Consort as they visit the city, you might want to find out where they'll be appearing.

With the couple's trip marking York's first Royal visit in over three years, there's set to be a lot of people taking to the streets to see His Majesty. 

But so you don't miss out on catching a glimpse of the King, we've got all the spots he's set to visit on Wednesday.

Although one key thing to note is that official timings for the King's arrival and departure have not been publicly shared.

Where will King Charles III visit in York?

The King and Queen Consort will be welcomed into the city through Micklegate Bar whilst a special ceremony takes place. 

The ceremony will see the pair enter the city through the Bar that was last carried out in 2012 when Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh entered the city.

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After the ceremony, His Majesty will attend a short service and meet people from the Cathedral and the City where they will be heralded by the minster bells. 

As they arrive at the minister, they will be welcomed by the Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell as the Cathedral’s Minster Mice children will present posies to the King and Queen Consort.

The King will unveil a statute of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II which will also be blessed by the archbishop.

The pair will then make their way to Doncaster.