As pressure continues to mount on Prime Minister Liz Truss and her recently appointed Government, many are left wondering what happens if Liz Truss resigns.

The Conservative Prime Minister, who won her leadership race just under two months ago, is under immense pressure to resign following recent events.

Liz Truss and her former Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng were forced to make several U-turns after their tax plans caused chaos in the UK economy.

Now, with a new Chancellor of the Exchequer and several resignations from those in her party, the PM is meeting with the head of the 1922 Committee.

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How many days has Liz Truss been Prime Minister?

Liz Truss became Prime Minister on September 6 after a lengthy leadership race between her and former Chancellor, Rishi Sunak over the summer.

This means Liz Truss has only been the PM for just under two months.

Who was the shortest-serving UK Prime Minister?

The shortest-serving UK Prime Minister was George Canning.

He served for only 119 days from April 12 1827 until his sudden death from tuberculosis on August 8, that same year.

What happens if the Prime Minister resigns in the UK?

York Press: Stefan Rousseau/PA - Liz outside Number 10Stefan Rousseau/PA - Liz outside Number 10 (Image: PA)

With 13 MPs and dozens of figures across the UK calling for Truss to resign, what happens if the new PM is forced to leave?

As Liz Truss has only been in her post for less than a year, the 1922 Committee, which oversees Conservative rules and leadership races, stipulates that another leadership race cannot occur. However, there is speculation that this could be changed.

It is currently thought that if 50% of the parliamentary party writes a letter of no confidence in the PM, she could be removed, leading to another party election.

If the PM resigns of her own accord, then another leadership race is also likely but this process could cause more issues as the party is deeply divided.

Labour, the SNP, and Liberal Democrats are calling for another election but Tory MPs are unlikely to back this as it may risk their own seats and governing status.

Has a UK Prime Minister resigned before?

Prime Ministers resigning is a regular occurrence in UK politics.

Labour PM, Tony Blair resigned in 2007, while his successors David Cameron, Theresa May, and Boris Johnson all stepped down from their posts.

Boris Johnson was forced to resign after the party gate scandal and other events turned the public and much of his own party against his premiership.