FRIENDS of teenager Ruby Milnes want to create a lasting tribute to her in York.

Ruby, who was only 17, was killed as she cycled along the Sustrans cycle path which runs from York to Selby.

The York College student's friends now want to create a lasting memorial to her but need the help of landowners within the area.

Vicki Dawson, 17, of Holgate, is one of those who want to create the tribute.

She said: "What we want is hopefully to get permission to paint a mural on a wall somewhere in York. We don't want it to be graffiti-style, we want it to be a mural."

Vicki said between 15 and 20 of Ruby's friends would probably be involved in the project but firstly they need a wall to paint and were appealing to anyone in the city who had a suitable location to give them a call.

She said: "There would be quite a few people involved and we would make a day of it and would keep an eye on what people are painting as we want it to be tasteful. We don't want it to look rubbish."

Vicki said the idea for a wall mural was a little unusual and suited Ruby's personality.

"This is something a bit different and it has the essence of Ruby being a bit different," she said.

"She enjoyed art and rather than doing something that everybody does this is more individual. Also, it's a reminder of what has happened and a reminder to other cyclists to be careful when they are on their bike."

Vicki said that Ruby's friends would be able to choose what they wanted to paint but it was hoped everything would be able to be joined and flow together as one big picture.

A spokesman for City of York Council said it would be happy to talk to Ruby's friends to see what could be done to help.

North Yorkshire Police are still appealing for anyone who saw the collision between Ruby's bike and a delivery lorry on Thursday, May 8, behind York racecourse, off Bishopthorpe Road, to get in touch on 0845 6060247.

Anyone who has a wall they think would be suitable for a permanent memorial to Ruby should contact The Press newsdesk on 01904 567131.

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