YORK residents are urged to contact the city's MPs to support proposed legislation, which will play a role in protecting the rights of those undergoing fertility treatment.

The call to action from the Fertility Matters At Work (FMAW) team follows the first reading of the 'Fertility Treatment: Employment Rights' bill which took place in June after a campaign, championed by MP Nickie Aiken, that looks to introduce employment rights specifically for fertility treatment, in particular, statutory rights for time off to attend appointments.

With the second reading taking place in parliament on the November 25, FMAW is asking people to show their support by writing to MPs asking for them to back the proposed legislation.

Natalie Silverman, co-founder of FMAW said: “Over the next few weeks and months, we want to flood the inboxes of MP’s all over the country to get them to take notice and realise the need to support this bill.

"Sharing your personal stories with them can really help bring to life the challenge of fertility treatment on everyday working lives, helping to drive momentum and support Nickie in getting this legislation through parliament.

“We’re really excited about where this campaign might take us.”

York's MPs and contact details can be found here.