YORK residents have been named the third "least clumsy" in the UK.

The figures were revealed in insurance firm Endsleigh's Homes Report 2008, which identifies the UK's top ten safest and riskiest towns and cities for both accidental damage in the home and burglaries.

The results were collected by analysing accidental damage claims over the last four years from the hundreds of thousands of Endsleigh policyholders in the UK.

The top three safest cities for accidents in the home, according to the survey, are: Manchester, Leeds and York.

The survey found the riskiest for household accidents are: Bournemouth, Milton Keynes and Newport.

Rhiannon Harris, Endsleigh spokesman, said: "Accidental damage in the home can relate to a number of different claims but common examples are spilling a drink on the computer, damaging the furniture and DIY disasters."

"The pricing of household insurance is based not only on postcodes but many other factors and will therefore vary within different cities."