KIND-HEARTED Press readers have stepped forward to help a man who is suffering from cancer.

Last week we told how 70-year-old John McIntyre, of Third Avenue, Tang Hall, was issuing a desperate plea for information on alternative treatments which could buy him a few more years of life.

The pensioner was diagnosed with bowel and liver cancer two years ago, but after six courses of chemotherapy, doctors at York Hospital said they had exhausted treatment options for Mr McIntyre and decided to stop his medication, conceding that it was doing more harm than good.

Thanks to the article in The Press, several people have stepped forward with ideas on how Mr McIntyre could battle his cancer.

Pete Wallis, of Malton Road, York, sent Mr McIntyre a tape explaining alternative therapies to chemotherapy.

"I just wanted to help," said Mr Wallis. "Anyone who is poorly should have a chance to get better and this tape I have sent to Mr McIntyre explains ways to cure cancer by simple means such as changing your diet.

"I know this tape has helped many other people and I hope it will bring the same benefit to Mr McIntyre."

Aidee Wharekuru, an alterative therapist in York, also wanted to help.

He said: "I know a lot about working with cancer and there is one particular treatment that can help all types of cancer.

"Therapy with sodium bicarbonate solutions can successfully fight against tumours - I know it has worked and it could help Mr McIntyre."

York resident Gail Bean wrote to Mr McIntyre saying: "I lost my dad through malignant melanoma in 2001; he was a very strong man who fought it all the way. Through all our reading one book called Why We Are Dying To Know The Truth, by Phillip Day, stayed in my mind.

"Unfortunately, my father lost his muscle use and was unable to eat at the point that I found this book but in the book apricot kernels are supposed to help.

"I send this information after reading the article because I can fully understand the want to fight."

Mr McIntyre said he appreciated everyone's help so far. "The response has been great," he said. "I am overwhelmed and so grateful.

"I am definitely going to try some of the treatments that people have recommended and I hope people will keep on coming forward."

If you want to recommend an alternative treatment, phone Mr McIntyre on 01904 422385.

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