THEY were snubbed by a store just a mile from their York home. But Polo mints are at least proving a hit elsewhere in the world.

Earlier this month The Press reported that Poundland, in Low Petergate, York, was importing Polos from Indonesia, rather than ones made across the city at the Nestlé Rowntree plant in Wigginton Road, a move that prompted scorn from environmentalists.

But while the York sweets may have been snubbed in Petergate, they've been hailed in Palermo. One of The Diary's colleagues has just returned from his annual jaunt to Italy, and reports that the Sicilian capital has embraced the mint with the hole.

Close inspection revealed that the packs on sale were York-produced ones, rather than the Indonesian ones favoured by Poundland. Our correspondent took pride in declaring that the sweets were a York invention.

Taking the Mick in Harrogate

A ROLLING stone gathers no moss, but maybe a poster will help gather some punters.

The Diary was somewhat surprised this week to receive a letter boasting "Rolling Stones Tour Arrives In Harrogate".

Alas, the truth was a touch more modest. Harrogate is not playing host to the band, but simply a 1972 poster from a US tour.

The item is among those on sale at the forthcoming Harrogate book fair, at Pavilions of Harrogate, on March 28 and 29.

A sound review from Seattle

AH, the joy of seeing ourselves as others see us!

Few would deny that York is among the top tourists cities in the world, and indeed we recently beat off other towns and cities throughout Europe to claim a top award.

So it's no surprise that travel writers often pick out York for fleeting visits and write-ups.

Our peers at the Seattle Times recently did just that, with an enthusiastic and lengthy exaltation of our fine city.

From all York's attractions though, the size of its bells is rarely singled out for praise.

So The Diary was a touch puzzled by the writer's introduction, which read: "York is a highlight for any visit to Britain - by far the best stop between London and Edinburgh. It has a huge church and, locals love to add, A giant bell'."

If you say so, Seattle!