There's nothing quite like a spa day to make you feel brand new - especially after the past two years, reports MAXINE GORDON

SITTING in a steam room, dipping into an ice-cold pool and having a massage are the holy trinity of rejuvenation.

And people in need of a mind, body and soul reboot often turn to a spa day as the solution.

But the Covid pandemic temporarily suspended that.

Not only were spas closed and treatments outlawed under Covid restrictions - even when rules were relaxed many people felt nervous to, excuse the pun, take the plunge again.

But as life slowly returns to normal - albeit a 'new' one in some instances - people are returning to spas for a spot of R&R.

Titanic Spa is back to full capacity - or so says my masseuse during my hot stone therapy which was the final bit of bliss during my day visit to this award-winning eco development near Huddersfield.

With my friend Lisa in tow, we arrived by car within 90 minutes of leaving York. The Titanic prides itself on its eco credentials - more of which later - so if you want to 'go green' you can catch a train from York to Huddersfield and then jump into a taxi for the short ride to Titanic, which sits in a renovated mill just outside the town.

We arrived just before 11am and were given our itinerary which included our allocated 15-minute slot in the outdoor hot tub and our lunch reservation as well as treatment times.

York Press: Outdoor hot tub at Titanic SpaOutdoor hot tub at Titanic Spa

I'd visited before and the private hot tub session was a new - and welcome - innovation. It put paid to the outdoor tub being a free for all, which risked some guests 'hogging' the spot as others looked on with envy.

And we were ready for a visit outdoors after a good 50-minutes working our way around the indoor heat experience. The idea here is to move from warm to hot chambers, slowly building up tolerance to the heat, and punctuating each room visit with a freezing-cold shower, or - for the very brave - a dip in the icy plunge pool.

I had to persuade Lisa to take the cold showers as we exited each room, but by the end, she thanked me - saying she felt like a "new woman".

York Press: Titanic Spa - in a converted mill just outside HuddersfieldTitanic Spa - in a converted mill just outside Huddersfield

A tour of the heat rooms - a mix of sauna and steam - with the cold showers in-between - is totally invigorating. You feel awake, alive, exhilarated and ready to face anything. It's not surprising spas are so appealing!

The hot tub was - hot! And the bubbles are ferocious, so much so that you feel like you are getting a massage in the water. I loved it!

It was a very warm day too, with temperatures rising to around 26C - so we were grateful for the outdoor cafe and relaxation area and its offer of shade from a giant umbrella.

We enjoyed our light lunch outside - which is included in the price of a spa day - pasta with chicken and tomato sauce for Lisa and a salad of chicken and blue cheese for me.

After lunch, we put our heads down for a little snooze in the dark and comforting relaxation room where the mood music lulls you to sleep.

York Press: Indoor pool at Titanic SpaIndoor pool at Titanic Spa

After a short siesta, I headed to the pool for a few laps before checking in for my hot stone treatment, where for 45 minutes, every inch of my oil-soaked body was kneaded with a hot stone to iron out knots and tension. Thoroughly recommended.

After two years of social distancing, staying at home, and mask wearing, a visit to Titanic is a sure sign that we have moved on.

And it is great news to hear that the business is building back with success following the pandemic, and still extolling its eco credentials.

The spa started life as an Edwardian textile mill called Titanic Mill, named so after being launched the same year as RMS Titanic in 1911.

York Press: Spa treatment - a sign that life is getting back to 'normal' after the pandemicSpa treatment - a sign that life is getting back to 'normal' after the pandemic

The mill was redeveloped into Titanic Spa in 2005, and set new standards in eco builds. For an industry that uses lots of energy and water, Titanic was determined to be a spa that was not detrimental to the environment.

It has renewable energy generation through solar photovoltaic roof panels which convert light directly into electricity. It has its own natural water source, providing fresh drinking water and bathing water for the plunge pool, salt-regulated swimming pool, showers and ice experience.

It uses an OTEX laundry system which is leading in energy efficiency and extremely powerful at cleaning too. This not only washes on a cool temperature but also delivers continuous ozonated water which leaves its linen 100 per cent disinfected. It also means the spa has no unnecessary transport to and from laundry services.

The bistro offers fresh, seasonal menus with a focus on healthy eating and environmental responsibility. Wherever possible it source organic and Fair-Trade ingredients choosing locally sourced, in-season produce which helps keep down food miles down.

What does it all mean? Well, that you can enjoy a gorgeous spa day without feeling too guilty about its impact on the planet. Oh, and feel brand new in the process.

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