Scorching temperatures are set to return this weekend amid a Met Office amber warning for extreme heat.

The weather warning came into force on Thursday and will remain in place until Sunday with temperatures set to climb to 35C or even 36C in some places.

Brits will once again be battling the extreme heat with many throwing the windows open for some much needed fresh air is a necessity.

But while the cool breeze is welcome, it can attract pesky flies to enter your home.

TikTok hack will keep flies out of your home this summer

If you have grown sick of chasing flies out of your house during the summer months, a little-known tip could help to solve the problem.

TikTok user @tcfamalam has shared a viral hack on the video sharing platform with over 45,000 like at time of writing.

Apparently, leaving bags of water outside of your home can keep flies away as they think it is a bee nest.

“It’s worked,” she said: “I’ve not had any flies in for the last few hours, whereas normally there’s hundreds and I’m having to fly spray all around the kitchen, it’s insane!”

You can see the full video here:

@tcfamalam #lifehack #tiktokhack #toptips #flies ##yourewelcome #itworks ♬ original sound - Tcfamalam

How to get rid of flies

There are several other cheap, simple home remedies you can try that should help to keep annoying flies at bay during the summer.

Use citrus oils, candles and incense

Other natural solutions to keeping flies away include placing citronella candles and incense close to open doors and windows.

Putting dried cloves, mint, lavender or cinnamon in pots or bowls by open windows should also work as flies do not like the strong smell.

You could also try spraying essential oils around your home, particularly strong scents such as lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus and peppermint.

Create a fly trap with apple cider vinegar

If you don’t have any essential oils or herbs to hand, another simple solution is to use apple cider vinegar to create a fly trap.

Mix the vinegar with dish soap and place it in a bowl by windows and doors around your home.

The aroma will attract the flies to the concoction, but the dish soap will decrease the surface tension of the liquid, causing them to become immersed and trapped in the solution.

Alternatively, you can fill a bowl with apple cider vinegar, seal it with cling film and poke a few holes in the top of the plastic.

The vinegar will attract the flies to the mix, but once they have ventured inside they won’t be able to escape the plastic seal.

Put coins in water by the window

A popular hack shared on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook Group recommends hanging a plastic zip-lock bag filled with water and some coins from an open window, or above a door.

It is thought that the flies are deterred from entering due to the light that is reflected from the coins, causing them to become confused and overwhelmed, so they will quickly fly off.

Store fizzy drinks in the fridge and wipe up spills

Fruit flies are attracted to the carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks, so if these drinks are left out fruit flies may start to gather around the area.

Make sure any spillages are cleaned up immediately, rinse out any empty bottles to stop flies being attracted to them, and store any open fizzy drinks in the fridge.

Wash dirty dishes

Make sure any dirty dishes are washed and put away instead of being left by the sink, as this could attract flies.

Washing dishes as soon as possible will help prevent flies from contaminating your crockery with bacteria and even laying eggs on them.

Use baking soda to keep your kitchen bin dry

Food will rot in your bin much faster during the summer because of the hot weather, which can attract flies, insects and maggots.

Putting baking soda in the bin can help to absorb any smells and liquids that leak out, but be sure to keep emptying it frequently as well.

Store leftovers in sealed containers

Flies will be attracted to any leftover food that is left uncovered, so make sure to place items in a sealed container or bag to keep them away.