A SUPERMARKET has applied for permission to erect two ten-metre high wind turbines in its car park.

Tesco wants to install two ten-metre high turbines in order to generate electricity for its Askham Bar store.

If granted, the two Ropatec WindRotors will generate enough electricity to power four average British households and annually would prevent the emission of 48 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Tesco was unable to say what percentage of the electricity used by the store would be generated by the turbines.

The structures will not have the large sails associated with wind farms, but two short rectangular sails sitting on top of each other and will be constructed of a steel tower with aluminium blades and coloured cream.

The manufacturers of the turbines state they are inaudible and will have an anticipated lifespan of 15 years.

Liberal Democrat councillor Tom Holvey, who represents Dringhouses and Woodthorpe, welcomed the move and said the car park was an ideal site for the turbines.

He said: "I think it's great for the environment and I think it's good that big companies are taking steps towards helping climate change.

"As sites go I think Tesco's car park is probably one of the best sites to put something like this.

"It's not near any housing and it's near a rail track that already causes significant noise. Tesco is open 24 hours a day so there are always things happening on the site. The turbines are meant to be inaudible plus they are no taller than the lampposts."

Coun Holvey said he could see no problems with the application, but added if any residents did he would represent their views.

A spokesman for Tesco said the move for wind turbines at the site formed part of its community plan to cut energy use.

He said the store would fund the electricity generators through the chain's £100 million Sustainable Technology Fund.

He said: "If we get the go ahead, the turbines will help meet the energy needs and lower the carbon footprint of the store, so we hope customers are as excited about this as we are and hope it demonstrates in a clear way our commitment to taking a lead on the threat posed by climate change."

The company hopes to site one of the turbines in the area of the car park closest to the petrol station while the other would be closer to the park and ride site.

The supermarket is installing turbines at a number of its stores throughout the country leading to what it describes as a "significant cumulative benefit" to the atmosphere.

A decision on the Askham Bar store is expected to be made by planning officers using delegated powers by March 24.