EXTINCTION Rebellion campaigners have marched through York to the city council's HQ to give their response to the authority's 'vague' Climate Change Strategy.

Member Debby said that having declared a climate emergency in 2019, the council needed to act boldly and get all residents and organisations on board, as well as all council departments.

"This is, as the climate document says, a matter of lives, living and livelihoods,” she said.

Another member, Judith, said she was particularly incensed by a council goal of a 3 per cent reduction in car road transport use.

"Does that mean for every 100 car journeys today, we are aiming for 97 in 2030?” she asked.

“A 25 per cent increase in bus use is paltry. Surely we should be gradually stopping private car use altogether.

"Goals should be at least 50 per cent reduction in road transport use and 100 per cent increase in public transport."