A WARNING has gone out to shopkeepers and businesses in York and North Yorkshire about a new scam doing the rounds.

North Yorkshire Police say they've had several reports of a rather strange scam in the last couple of weeks which has been targeting local shops.

A police spokesman said: "The offenders enter the shop and say they have lost their bank card but present a barcode on their phone for the cashier to scan in order to get money from their account.

"In some cases the offenders have used a ‘Card One’ barcode in the scam and others have claimed it is a ‘Pay point’ barcode but slightly different approaches have been used elsewhere.

"The offenders in most reports have been quite insistent and aggressive, attempting to intimidate shop staff into giving them the money they are asking for.

"This is not a tactic we’ve come across before but it’s an important one to be aware of, particularly as it seems to be targeting shops across the county.

"If you or your business have been a victim of this scam, please ring 101 to report it to us.

"Let’s spread the word and stop others falling victim."