The NHS is now in crisis after years of austerity and underfunding, staff shortages but no clear workforce plan, growing waiting lists for treatment, increasing privatisation and exhausted, undervalued NHS staff. Sounds all too familiar?

The House of Commons Health and Social Care Select Committee has described the current situation as ‘the greatest workforce crisis’ in the history of the service, posing the risk of serious harm to patients.

York and Scarborough Defend our NHS and York Unite are holding a session on Saturday, August 6 between 11am and 1pm by the Constantine statue at York Minster to talk to the public about the urgency of issues and what they can do to help.

We need investment, decisions and action before the end of the summer if the winter demands on the service are to be met. We intend to hold many interactive sessions with the public in the city, the suburbs and workplaces in the future.

Come to this first one, please, and bring your questions, views, and concerns about the current state of the NHS. We can discuss ways in which you can make your voice heard.

Gwen Vardigans, Defend our NHS, Carron Crescent, Woodthorpe