MINECRAFT players are invited to explore the virtual world of a town near York in a brand new map on the game.

The imaginative experience enables Minecrafters to experience Selby in new creative ways including Selby Abbey, the market, Selby Park, Finkle Street and more.

Feel what it’s like to fly into the Abbey’s towers, explore hidden staircases, travel up the river Ouse and across the landmark toll bridge and then wander round the historic streets.

This latest map has been created by professional Minecraft artist and digital noodler, Adam Clarke, from The Common People. He’s also known as popular Youtuber, Wizard Keen.

He said: "We’ve had great fun creating the Minecraft world and it’s a wonderful way for people of all ages to let their imaginations run wild and explore Selby in new and different ways."

York Press:

The map builds on a previous Selby Minecraft world that focused mainly on the Abbey. Minecrafters can claim their own plot on the new map where they can build their own creative ideas for what Selby might be like – past, present and future.

The initiative is part of Selby Stories - the cultural programme for the Selby High Street Heritage Action Zone. Running until 2023, special events will celebrate the town.