BioScapes, who make biodiversity habitats and associated products, has achieved ‘Made in Britain’ certification for its range of wildlife planters.

The company, based at Seaton Ross, near York, worked with ecologists to devise the planters which aim to curb decreasing biodiversity.

The ‘Made in Britain’ accolade is a part of a scheme dedicated to support and promote British manufacturing and to help consumers, buyers, and specifiers identify products that are manufactured in Britain, to the very highest standards. The mark is widely recognised as the ultimate authority of British originality and perceived as a global seal of superiority, domestically and worldwide.

Neil Spiers, Head of Commercial at BioScapes said: “We are very proud that our unique range of wildlife planters has received the ‘Made in Britain’ accolade that reinforces our credentials as an organisation dedicated to providing the highest quality products, while at the same time, ensuring the materials are sourced from within Britain.

“Our ambitions very much align with Made in Britain’s aspirations to reach net-zero by 2050. As the UK’s first-ever manufacturer of self-contained multiple biodiversity planters, we have established our objectives to help contribute towards biodiversity restoration.”

The WildPod, NatureArk, and BioCube planters feature integrated habitats for plants, insects, amphibians and small mammals to thrive in.