A PAIR of pop legends have been spotted at a York rock bar.

One half of 80's pop group Bucks Fizz - Cheryl Baker and Mike Nolan - dropped in for a drink at The Artful Dodger in Micklegate at the weekend.

Gemma Greenwood and her partner Adam Fitzwalter, who live in Tang Hall, were enjoying a drink in the bar at about 5pm on Saturday (July 30) when the duo walked in.

"It took me a moment at first, but I recognised the bright blonde hair," said Gemma.

They were just sitting at a table by the bar and when my partner walked past them his eyes widened - I have never seen him so excited.

"It's the last place I'd expected to see Bucks Fizz, but it was fitting that it was in the one rock bar in York.

"We were really excited - they are national treasurers after their Eurovision win.

"I went over to talk to them and they were just so friendly. Cheryl just had the biggest smile when I asked if they were Bucks Fizz. They said they'd had a gig in Manchester the day before and they were headed somewhere up north for their next show so they'd stopped off in York for a drink."

Gemma, who works on the IT service desk for Spire Healthcare in York and Adam, who works at Pets at Home, were in town on their day off when they bumped in to the duo and managed to get a selfie with them.

Cheryl and Mike were part of Bucks Fizz alongside Bobby G and Jay Aston when they triumphed at Eurovision in 1981, winning with their song Making Your Mind Up. As a band they had they received attention for the dance routine which accompanied the song, in which the male members of the group ripped the female members' outer skirts off to reveal much shorter mini-skirts beneath.

The group had three UK number 1 singles with Making Your Mind Up in 1981, The Land of Make Believe in the same year and My Camera Never Lies in 1982.

Bucks Fizz relaunched as The Fizz a few years ago after changing their name because of a legal row with former member Bobby G, and reformed with original members Aston, Baker, Nolan and newest recruit Bobby McVay, who represented the UK at Eurovision in 1983.