A YORK filmmaker has told of his emotional trip to Ukraine filming a documentary about an aid convoy - and about its return to the UK with refugees fleeing the war.

Dave Thorp filmed a Van-Aid convoy of half a dozen vehicles, all operated by volunteers from the logistics industry, who were giving up their time and money to drive across Europe to deliver vital items ranging from materials for tourniquets to mattresses, beds and toys for people displaced by the war.

Then he filmed their return journey bringing refugee families back to the UK, which turned into a race against time to beat Saturday's rail strike.

He said the Government had issued the refugees with rail passes valid for 48 hours after arrival in the UK, but they needed to use them before the industrial action started on Saturday morning.

He watched a little girl, about six-years-old, clutching a bin liner with all her possessions in it, who kept dropping things as she rushed through the crowds to try to catch a train. "She dropped them, struggled to retrieve them, and struggled on. I wept after we'd finished the shot!"

Dave said he was working as cameraman with the film's director Daniel Coll, from Picture Point Films, for a documentary which he hopes will be shown at the Cannes Film Festival.