JUST as in the wider world around us, there have been some fairly momentous events in York over the last 50 years - momentous for York, in any case.

The last half century has seen the Coppergate dig; the Minster fire; the miners strike (though York wasn’t really at the centre of this); and the great floods of 2000 (not to mention those of 2015 and more recent times).

On the sporting front, Royal Ascot was held in York, the Tour de France came here, and York City went to Wembley - not just once, but twice (in the same year). Happy days!

All of these events are represented in one way or another in this gallery of photographs.

York Press:

November 2, 2000: A man cycles through the floodwaters in Tower Street. Picture: John Giles.

But alongside these significant events there have been more gradual changes, too, over the last half century: change which have, nevertheless, had a huge impact on York.

One of our photographs today, taken in September 1973, shows barges clustered alongside Queen’s Staith to unload their sacks of llipe nuts, which had been shipped from Borneo and Sarawak.

It is a reminder of how, until comparatively recently, the River Ouse remained an important trade and transport route - though nowadays the only craft seen on its waters tend to be pleasure boats or canoes...

Other photographs show work starting on the ‘new’ Tesco at Askham bar in 1990 and - a quirky one - Sister Mary Paul of the Poor Clare’s Convent with some of the home-made rhubarb wine they planned to sell at their annual Christmas Fayre in 1991.

And delicious it looks, too...