I support Matthew Laverack’s letter in The Press (Private landlords are not uncaring exploiters, July 23).

John Taylor (Letters, July 20) makes too many generalised statements.

I dare say there are many unscrupulous landlords across the country, BUT equally the same number of poor tenants.

I would urge John Taylor to come and talk to any of my tenants and see what they say about the quality of the accommodation, speed of repairs when required and regular improvements.

I spend a lot of money each year reinvesting in the condition and making a home for people to live in, not just a bedroom.

Please do not tar us all with the same brush!

Andy Knowles, Vyner Street, York


More legislation will just push up cost of renting

Matthew Laverack is right. More legislation and ‘policing’ just adds more costs to landlords, making letting less attractive.

As a consequence supply and demand will reduce the number of residential lettings on the market, therefore just pushing up rent.

All landlords, apart from a few ‘rogues’, offer the best accommodation that will attract tenants. The tenants have the choice.

Remember, no landlord ever evicts a good tenant.

Michael Hammill, Tadcaster Road, Dringhouses


I didn’t realise being a landlord was so hard

I had no idea that being a landlord was such a stressful experience.

My advice therefore to Mr Laverack (Letters, July 23) is to divest himself as soon as possible of his properties before he falls victim to serious stress-induced illness.

This might involve offering his portfolio to his tenants at below-the-market rates, but surely this would be preferable to permanent and premature invalidity?

What remains surprising, however, is that the percentage of households living in owner-occupied homes has steadily fallen over the past 15 years, so there must be a growing band of landlords who, in spite of all the risks, think they are on to a good thing!

John Taylor, Lycett Road, Dringhouses, York