IN the latest edition of our look back through the picture archives, here are five school football teams from the past.

June 1987, David Spofforth, the young York City central defender, returned to his old school to present the Poppleton Road soccer team with commemorative medals. Poppleton Road had come away with the cup and league double.

Pictured, back row, from the left: David Spofforth and school goalkeeper Daniel Bodden.

Middle: Philip Potter, Lee Stevens, Paul Fryers, Jamie Gore (captain), James Innes, John Taylor, and David Wright. Front: Peter Collins, Darren Callaghan, Steven Thompson, Elliot Simpson and Ciron Fisher.

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York Press: MANOR SCHOOL U14 – 1995MANOR SCHOOL U14 – 1995

MANOR SCHOOL U14 – 1995: Pictured with their captain Tom McKay is the Manor School Under-14 team, who were the York Schools and Cup champions of 1995.

York Press:  OUR LADY’S SCHOOL - 1994 OUR LADY’S SCHOOL - 1994

OUR LADY’S SCHOOL - 1994: Back row, from the left: Adam Bainbridge, Kelly Chesterton, Robert Magrath, Sean O’Reilly, Paul Barber, Ben Snaize. Front row: Daniel Burt, Thomas Andrews, Ryan Carr, Marc Johnson.

York Press:  POPPLETON ROAD – 1993 POPPLETON ROAD – 1993

POPPLETON ROAD – 1993: Back row, from left: Matthew Hollett, Warren Burrow, Phil Suter, Shane Brandon, Robert Graham, Ben Rhodes, Paul Harris, David Roberts, Daniel Gell and Jody Haw.

Front row: James Clamp, Darren Longhorn, Jonathon Beech, Adam Webster, Matthew Hartas, Shaun Turner, Michael McKenzie, Dean Dawson, Chris Driscoll, and Mark Willoughby.


RALPH BUTTERFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL – 1993: Back row, from the left: Andrew Fenton, Nick Jacks, Cameron Stuart, Chris Spragg. Front row: Danny Shaw, Aidan Ross, Peter Vasey and Matthew Stockdale.

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