Fed up with run-of-the-mill wine, Mike Tipping savours something a little bit different this week.

I'm aware that you won't have any sympathy for me but there is a problem with writing about wine.

I was shocked to find out, after someone asked, that this column is in its fifth year. That means I've sampled more wines then I can remember. And this is the problem: when I'm at a tasting, sipping yet another indifferent merlot, formulaic sauvignon blanc, or pedestrian chardonnay, I find I'm longing for something a little bit different.

Fortunately there are plenty of interesting wines out there to keep me happy, take the following examples.

From the Adelaide Hills in Oz, comes a quirky blend of cabernet sauvignon, tempranillo and zinfandel, Nepenthe Tryst Red 2005. Definitely not one for the purists, it's very modern tasting with the fruit turned up to 11.

It has oodles of cassis, rasp-berry and cherry, with subtle oak notes and a dash of spice.

Touriga nacional is widely grown in Portugal, in the Douro valley it is one of the most important grapes in Port production as well as being used to make good-quality, unfortified wines.

It's not that common in other parts of the world, which is a shame because it's a varietal of great character and structure.

With that in mind, I guess you won't find many examples of touriga nacional from Argentina, but there is one in Oddbins, at a reasonabale price as well.

Familia Zuccardi Touriga Nacional 2006 is really approachable and smooth, with blueberries and blackcurrant on the nose, and plums and raspberries on the palate, all held together by some mouth-filling tannins.

Some of you may have met José Zuccardi during the York Festival of Food and Drink in 2006. He is manager of Familia Zuccardi, making wine in the Mendoza region of Argentina. His enthusiasm and love for job is obvious when you talk to him.

If, like me, you really enjoy a good dessert wine, then another of José's wine will be of interest and again the price is not prohibitive. Familia Zuccardi Torrontés Tardio 2007 has aromas of tinned peach and is jam packed with long flavours of sherbety fruit; peach (again), apricot, mandarin, grapefruit and zinging, fresh acidity. It's made from the Argentinian white grape torrontés, late harvested for sweetness.

Oh, and just in case you were thinking of applying for this job, let it be known that I've no plans to retire just yet!

Nepenthe Tryst Red 2005
£8.99 at Tesco 16/20

Familia Zuccardi Touriga Nacional 2006
£5.99 at Oddbins 17/20

Familia Zuccardi Torrontés Tardio(50cl) 2007
£6.99 at Oddbins 18/20