HOW much do you love your other half? Enough to buy them a drink this Valentine's Day?

Of course you do. But what if the drink was the most expensive in all Yorkshire - a cocktail priced at £5,000?

Only those with the biggest hearts - and the fattest wallets - will be able to splash out five grand for a Diamond Martini at Harvilles Cocktail Lounge, in Fossgate, York, which opens tonight.

As you might expect for the price tag, this is no ordinary drink - this is liquid decadence.

Served in a chilled crystal Martini glass and made with Belvedere, a vodka revered by connoisseurs, the other ingredients are known only to master mixologist Luke O'Toole.

But it is the garnish which guarantees the cocktail will go down a treat - an individually-cut diamond.

Anyone planning to buy a Diamond Martini must give a few days' notice as diamonds are not kept on the premises for security reasons.

Mr O'Toole, manager of Harvilles Cocktail Lounge, said: "Amazingly, I've already taken the first two orders, so someone's in for a night they will remember."

The gems are being supplied by diamond designer, TCJ Designs, of Stonegate, York.

David Hattersley, owner of the bar, said he is impressed by the Diamond Martini, but a little wary of it. "I am trying to keep Mrs Hattersley out of there because knowing her she would order it as a chaser," he said.

The cocktail lounge is part of the new-look, three-floor Harvilles. The six-week refurbishment has seen the restaurant restyled and an oyster cellar and Champagne bar created downstairs.