A DOCUMENT has been drawn up detailing residents' objections to alterations to one of York's busiest roads.

City of York Council has put forward proposals for new bus and cycle lanes plus additional sets of traffic lights in Fulford Road.

These include new traffic signals at the junction of Fulford Road and Cemetery Road, including pedestrian crossings. Additional bus lanes along sections of Fulford Road, both inbound and outbound, new traffic lights at the A19's junction with the A64, a new pedestrian crossing with traffic lights outside Fishergate Primary School and a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights outside St George's Roman Catholic Primary School.

There would also be new cycle lanes and off-road cycle track along stretches of Fulford Road New bus lanes along stretches of Fulford Road.

But some residents feel the measures will worsen the problems with traffic. Graham Cheyne, of Selby Road, said about 50 people have put their name to the document.

Mr Cheyne said: "In Selby Road residents have got together to produce a document outlining our concerns and observations and noting that no traffic surveys have taken place."

He said that since traffic lights were installed at Crockey Hill there has been standing traffic and gridlock around the Designer Outlet which was not there before. He also claimed that City of York Council's priorities were cyclists, pedestrians and buses and little consideration has been given to residents.

He said: "The council's answer to everything is traffic lights.

"Maybe common sense will prevail and they will see there is no need for traffic lights as we have a couple of hours of madness and then it's quiet. When they install them we're going to have chaos."

Fulford councillor Keith Aspden said he would be attending another residents' meeting on February 26 so he could fully understand their concerns and pass these on to the council.

In response to claims that the installation of traffic lights at the junction of Naburn Lane is a "done deal" because of the Germany Beck development, Coun Aspden said the council had asked the developers to make improvements to traffic flow and although the idea was for traffic lights at the junction, this was not set in stone.

A council spokeswoman said: "The consultation exercise is seeking people's views on a raft of measures aimed at improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians; minimising the amount of traffic queuing in Fulford village and further north on Fulford Road and Fishergate; making bus services faster and more reliable by creating new bus priority measures; and improving traffic control at key junctions.

"The proposals were drawn up by the council after a study examining congestion and accessibility on Fulford Road showed that, unless improvements were made, bus and car journey times would significantly increase as a result of worsening congestion. All responses will be carefully analysed."