Could I please correct your article in the Press on Saturday July 17?.

While the headline 'Councillor threatens to quit if York Council doesn't change its ways' is broadly correct, the statement in the article that 'a Liberal Democrat threatened to quit his party' is wrong.

I have no wish to spend four more years of my life working under the Executive system.

In my previous experience on other councils, the committee system allows members a much greater say in decision making, is far more transparent and reduces officer influence.

However, while I said I would not stand as a Lib Dem candidate in 2023 unless the council follows through on the actions agreed on its system of working, I certainly did not mean to imply that I would leave the party, to which I remain committed.

I look forward to the actions committed to being implemented and hope that the other parties and Independents will work collaboratively with the Greens and Lib Dems to review how the council works. That can only benefit our residents, who matter more than our political parties.

Cllr Tony Fisher, West End, Strensall