Boris to blame for heat wave - it’s all that hot air Until very recently we were being told by Johnson and his lackeys that now was not the right time to change Prime Ministers as we were a country facing unprecedented challenges - notably inflation, the cost of living crisis, war in Europe and so on.

Now we have the government doing another one of its infamous U-turns and ditching anything and everything that gets in the way of the Tory leadership farce whereby an unelected 175,000 Tory voters pick an unelected PM.

So it is Party first and country last - and for Johnson life is always party first, as he had his leaving bash while the Cobra emergency meeting was chaired by one of his third-rate brigade.

Well, we can certainly blame Johnson for the recent heatwave bearing in mind the profusion of hot air he spouts.

John D Brian, Moorfield Way, Wilberfoss


Venus offers a warning on global warming

If you get up early you will see a very bright star in the morning.

Venus, our twin in size, is that star. But it’s incapable of life because its surface temperature is far too hot.

If we are not careful we too could end up like that planet due to global warming.

As Yorkists experience the highest temperature in living memory of up to 40 degrees C, it is a sobering thought that Venus is a shining bright light that could guide us towards achieving that goal of zero carbon emissions.

We all must do our duty towards reaching that vision of zero carbon success because Venus is a sobering reminder of what could happen if we fail...

Phil Shepherdson, Woodthorpe