WHAT do you do to stay cool when the temperature pushes into the 30s?

Have a water fight, of course...

Well, not a water fight, exactly. Children at Naburn Primary School took part in organised 'water fun' house games yesterday afternoon, as a way of cooling down before they went home.

They just happened to involve hoespipes, 'water blasters', sprinklers, paddling pools - and buckets of water to dip hot heads in...

They'll be doing the same again this afternoon - with water sponges thrown into the mix as well, as temperatures reach an expected 39 degrees C.

The school postponed its 'Superteams' sports day event, which was due to be held yesterday, because of the heat. It will now be held tomorrow, weather permitting.

The water games were intended as a replacement - as well as a way of cooling fown before the children went home, said headteacher Jonathan Green, who tweeted a series of photos showing the children's games.

York Press:

Children enjoy a 'water fight' (sorry, house relay game with water) with their teachers at Naburn Primary School

"House relay games with water. What a great way to kick back and enjoy quality time together as a school. So much fun and laughter!" he tweeted.

To be honest, the teachers looked as though they were having just as much fun as the children...