KNAVESMIRE Primary School has told parents that it will be taking things 'one day at a time' this week, as temperatures soar.

The school WILL be staying open, in line with advice from the Department for Education - although in an email to parents Head of School Hannah Gibson says arents can choose not to send their children to school if they have concerns.

Children do not need to wear uniform if they have cooler options, she adds.

"We are also aware there is a sickness bug prevalent in some of the younger classes, so with dehydration being the biggest heat risk to children, please keep your child off school if they have any sickness/diarrhoea symptoms," she continues in her email.

She says a series of activities and performances arranged for this week may have to be rearranged because of the heat.

"We will evaluate and plan each day individually to ensure that the pupils' well being is at the forefront of everything," she says in her email.

"This will include careful consideration regarding: playtimes, assemblies, Year 5's Playhouse Project at the Theatre on Tuesday, Year 6's end of year play performances on Tuesday and Wednesday, Year 6's Graduation on Thursday, outdoor activities, and class PE slots.

"If we feel it is not safe to carry out any of these activities, we will inform you as soon as possible (if it affects your planning) and try to re-order things."

Hannah said the school was taking steps to ensure children could stay cool.

"Our initial plans are to ensure that all windows are open early, blinds will be pulled down, children will be given regular water breaks, and uniform does not need to be worn if you have a cooler clothes option.

"We have purchased several large fans for the school hall and we will ventilate the hall throughout the day ahead of our planned performances."