NABURN Primary School has postponed its 'Superteams' sports day event, which was due to be held today, because of the heat - and the children held a cooling 'water fun' session instead.

Headteacher Jonathan Green says the Superteams event - in which all the children in the school join one of four 'houses' to take part in activities ranging from football, cricket and golf to athletics and running - will now be held on Wednesday, weather permitting.

As late as yesterday, Mr Green was still hoping the event could be held today - but the weather was just going to be too hot, he said.

The school, however, has no plans to close early because of the hot weather, Mr Green stressed. Lessons were continuing as normal this morning - with extra ice-lollies to help the children stay cool.

"There will be fans in rooms, and we'll be keeping them well hydrated," Mr Green said.

At 2.30pm this afternoon, meanwhile, there was an outdoor 'water fun' session, Mr Green said - featuring a paddling pool and water blasters. 

The school will also remain open tomorrow, Mr Green said - with the same measures to help the children stay cool.