A few weeks ago on these pages a Mr Priestman said LNER drivers won’t be going on strike and that I should research the matter better.

Fast-forward a few weeks and what do we find, they are indeed going to go on strike (Travel chaos fears as train drivers at York-based companies vote for strikes, July 11). Seems I was right after all. I do have a knack for seeing what’s coming down the line - and it’s not a train running on time.

What do they want? Passenger safety, better working conditions, unconditional love and world peace? No, they want more money, which is what it’s always been about. Here’s an idea: give the guard a tin to rattle and have them walk down the train with a sign that reads ‘Driver only gets £60,000 salary, please give generously so they don’t have to use a food bank this winter’.

See how many passengers decide the railways haven’t already fleeced enough money from them in fares and have sympathy with the union’s cause. I would say support will be on a par with what the public have for bankers, politicians and Prince Andrew.

Dr Scott Marmion, Woodthorpe, York