I fully agree with Thirsk and Malton MP Kevin Hollinrake’s views on assisted dying, or euthanasia (North Yorkshire MP demands assisted dying inquiry, July 8).

How can it be humane and civilised to allow human beings to suffer agony?

To me the reasons against euthanasia are not any good - the trouble is this country has not got the guts to deal with the subject and always comes up with some trivial excuse for carrying on as we are.

One problem is the Church has such a say in these matters. Well, if Jesus Christ was still alive l am sure he would agree with euthanasia.

Robert D Greaves, New Earswick, York


I agree with Kevin on assisted dying

How I agree with Kevin Hollinrake about assisted dying.

The thought of a prolonged existence knowing there is no hope is to my mind cruel to both sufferer and family. Surely to prolong life at all costs needs a review. I know it’s something many of us fear. I certainly don’t want to be in that position.

Mrs Eunice Birch, Sutton on Forest, York