How will new leader solve care crisis?

AMID all the fervour of the Prime Minister’s departure, the Government sneaked out an 18-month delay to a piece of social care reform that would have helped those who pay for their own care.

This was the latest of numerous delays in changing the way we look after our most vulnerable.

To those now jockeying to be the next Prime Minister, I say the country needs to know how you will end the crisis in social care and the scandal of the 1.5m people who cannot get the care they need.

Mike Padgham,

Chair, Independent Care Group,

Priory Street, York


Don't worry about what happens next

JUST as predicted, Boris finds himself in need of a new job.

As I’ve said before, we still need an international jet setting womaniser to take over the role of 007. Come on Boris, lets start production on Never Say Piffle Again.

But for now we have all the nastiness, treachery and backstabbing so customary of how the Tories treat their friends to look forward to.

For those worrying about what happens to the country now, don’t.

With a lame duck PM that means no more policies encouraging illegal immigration, no more highway code changes granting eco warrior cyclists ownership of the roads, no new tax rises or any other policies the public deliberately voted against.

And as for those Tories complaining the BBC are enjoying this circus too much, they had their chance with an 80 seat majority to abolish the licence fee, but, as with every other genuinely conservative policy they promised, it was just another lie.

The longer the premiership remains vacant the better.

Dr Scott Marmion,

Woodthorpe, York


Cost of living emergency is "ridiculous"

FOLLOWING a meaningless declaration of a “climate emergency“ we are now to have announced a similarly ridiculous “cost of living emergency” as if City of York Council could actually do something to halt rising prices; many of which they have caused themselves with their ill-considered policies, budget-blowing vanity projects and incompetent administration.

The Council Tax is always going up while the delivery of services goes in the opposite direction.

I propose we have a “grandstanding local councillor emergency”.

At least elected members would actually have some control over that cataclysm.

Matthew Laverack,

Eldon Street, York


Parable of Brexit

YOU know that car journey you went on as a child where one of the grown-ups insisted they had a map, everything was under control, that it would be a real treat and you were definitely not lost up a creek without a paddle? But later it became blindingly obvious that the grown-up hadn’t the faintest idea where you were going, the car was running out of fuel and you had eaten all the snacks.

And as night fell it turned out that the grown-up hadn’t booked a hotel and was just hoping something would turn up.

And then they pretended they hadn’t promised anything and they claimed that you had known all along that nothing would work out, in fact you had agreed that it would be better if nothing was planned because then no one would be forcing you to go anywhere and you would all be in control. And none of the other grown-ups said anything because they were all too embarrassed.

And finally it turned out you would have to sort out the grown-up’s mess because they had lied about the whole trip and hadn’t even brought any money to pay for anything?


Christian Vassie

Blake Court,

Wheldrake, York


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