Who benefits from Boris resigning? The Tories

WHY don't politicians think long term before shouting out in Westminster (known as putting brain in gear before opening mouth)?

Over the past few weeks every political party has been calling for Boris to resign.

This has now happened and the only winner is the Tories.

With Boris in power Keir Starmer was a nailed on dead cert to be next PM.

The Lib Dems could have been looking at 40-50 MPs at the next election, but now they could all find themselves back to square one.

If, as you would expect, Tory MPs unite behind the new leader and the new Cabinet actually start to get things right, Tory voters who jumped ship will be returning in their thousands.

Next year's local elections could find Tory councillors regain council seats.

The lead in the opinion polls that Labour have will disappear and the vote that the Lib Dems have enjoyed at the recent by-elections will revert back to Tory.

Mel Burley,

Albion Avenue,



Have Tories really seen the light?

IT'S good that Julian Sturdy MP and the other Tories who supported Boris Johnson finally saw the light and realised that he was a corrupt liar who made a mess of our country and had to be forced to leave.

How long do you think it will be before they realise the same thing about underfunding services, or the current Brexit deal, or allowing our energy companies to do what they like?

Jason Rose,

Wheatlands Grove,



Helen spot-on about grow-your-own

HELEN Mead hits the nail on the head in her column (Grow your own isn't the answer, The Press, July 8), in particular the gift of someone else's surplus grow-on plants which are often just a "white elephant ".

I was recently presented with three tomato plants and after purchasing compost, bamboo canes a suitable container, tomato food and shuffling the garden plants around to find a sunny spot, planted them up.

You have to religiously water them everyday (until you are away and leave the watering to someone less dedicated). At the end of it all, at best, you receive a mediocre crop of OK tomatoes - all ready on the same day!

The best of it all, if it's a good year, everyone's forcing them on you. And if it's a bad season they're like hens teeth.

Home grown definitely taste better but at what a cost in time and money?

D M Deamer,

Penleys Grove Street,




What a great school reunion

WHAT a fantastic day I had on Thursday, July 7 at Joseph Rowntree school's 80th celebration.

It was nice to meet old teachers from 39 years ago.

The school was showing loads of photos from previous years.

The school choir was fantastic I could see them acting in theatres such was their confidence.

The kids were very kind and helpful.

The school was rebuilt and opened in 2010 so I knew nothing about the inside.

On show was a good book on detentions - with a few names I recognised!

Overall, a fantastic day.

I wish today's pupils and future pupils all the best and hope they achieve their goals.

Wojciech Simpson,

Chestnut Grove,

New Earswick,



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