Time for a General Election

BORIS resignation: surely the decent thing is to call a General Election.

We voted this present Government in, we didn't vote for a completely different PM and an unknown new Government to be in charge.

Or has democracy taken a back seat?

Phil Shepherdson,




We'll see real Tories at work now

HOPEFULLY now that the two biggest ‘wets’ have left government, and with a true Conservative as Chancellor of the Exchequer, we should see what the 2019 Tory manifesto promised, and taxes will come down alongside help for the private businesses who generate the growth that will benefit everyone.

Geoff Robb

Hunters Close



Another disadvantage of Brexit

Has DM Deamer really thought through what they are saying when they write of their joy at buying strawberries from South Africa rather than Spain and baby sweetcorn from Egypt and India rather than the EU? (The world is our oyster, Letters, July 4)

This comes at a cost. Shipping food longer distances creates more carbon emissions and further contributes to climate change.

And if they don't care about the cost to the planet they may begin to care that it costs them more to buy such goods.

If it doesn't cost more it will most likely be due to workers in far away countries being underpaid for their labour and goods. Not great however you look at it!

I've yet to see any benefits from Brexit. Having to buy food from further away is yet another disadvantage!

M Kendall




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