We need a leader with integrity

IT is disappointing that more of the Cabinet have not, so far, followed the lead of Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak.

The continued presence of Boris Johnson in Downing Street diminishes the standing of Britain in the eyes of the world.

The series of untruths about how much the Prime Minister knew about the behaviour of Chris Pincher followed an all-too-familiar pattern, revealing also a lack of judgement within the Cabinet as a whole.

Britain is already struggling in its dealings with Europe whose countries realise that he cannot be trusted to honour the agreements he has made. We need a figure of integrity to emerge round whom the country can unite.

David Laverick,




We must keep focus on Russia

WHO needs to read Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, when we have the news!

With Conservative high ranking Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid resigning, how many more knives in the back of our modern day Julius Caesar - aka Boris - before sanity crystallises within our society today?

However the outcome, we must focus on our modern day plight of trying to stop this other insanity - the Russian aggression of jack boot and iron fist upon our civilised planet.

That must become our main priority if we value our treasured democracy.

Phil Shepherdson,




US abortion decision wrong

I PRESUME Dr Marmion is aware that the US Supreme Court decision is not some dry, intellectual discussion but a concerted attack on women's reproductive rights orchestrated by a group who are afraid of women having control over their own fertility.

No court, institution, government or religion has the right to take away the rights a woman has over her own body.

Steve Grantham,

Dyon Way,


North Yorkshire


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