PRINCE WILLIAM stunned diners at a York curry house last night by turning up unannounced and ordering a house special.

The heir to the British throne called in at Saffron Desi, in Micklegate, at 7.30pm, along with 47 of his friends and colleagues.

Restaurant owner Mohammed Nisar was behind the bar when the Royal guest walked in. He said he had taken the group booking, but there had been no mention of a VIP in the group.

Mr Nisar said: "As soon as he walked in I met him and said Welcome to Saffron Desi'. I shook hands with him and asked what he would like to drink."

Mr Nisar said the prince, who is currently undertaking pilot training at RAF Linton-on-Ouse, asked for a cider and when given the choice between a bottle and draught he plumped for a bottle of Strongbow.

The restaurateur said: "I told the kitchen that Prince William was here. All the guests are special, but I couldn't believe we had a Royal here."

When it came to the main meal the prince, who was on a table with 20 others, was told about one of the restaurant's speciality dish - the aptly named Royal Delight.

Mr Nisar explained the restaurant's chef, Asad Malik, had previously cooked the dish - comprising chicken breast marinated in yoghurt, spices and a masala sauce and then cooked with ginger, onions and tomatoes among other ingredients - for Princess Diana at a function at London's Dorchester Hotel.

Prince William, who was sharing the dishes with three friends, opted for it and the party also shared a Saffron mixed starter, mango chicken, makhani special (mild, creamy chicken) and honey chicken.

Mr Nisar said the prince had specifically asked him which the milder curries were on the menu.

But it was the accompaniments which really blew the prince away.

When the prince was faced with one of the restaurant's trademark family-sized naan breads, Mr Nisar said the 25-year-old told him he would never forget it as it was so large.

He said: "We took it to the table and he started laughing."

Mr Nisar said other guests in the restaurant soon realised who they were dining with and some approached him for an autograph. The prince, who is believed to have been with a Royal protection officer, politely declined.

Gwen Turner, 25, of South Bank, York, was in the restaurant at the time with her boyfriend, Steve Brierley.

Miss Turner said: "We couldn't believe it when we realised it was him.

"The staff were so excited that they were telling everybody as they were coming into the restaurant."

Mr Nisar said the prince had been very polite and was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt.

He said: "He said it was an excellent meal, and excellent restaurant and excellent service and that he would be coming back. Myself and my chef and partner and all the staff are proud to have served him."

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