As Chairman of Acomb Sports Club I would like to respond to Mr David Martin’s letter ‘Please turn the volume down Acomb Cricket Club!’ (June 28).

Our ‘Mothership’ annual family fun day and music festival is now in its 13th year.

We are fully licensed to run this event and comply with all the guidance. Our event is managed by a team of organisers, and professional security staff. We also monitored the decibel levels throughout the day in different locations around the neighbourhood; all of which were within the rules.

Mr Martin accuses us of ‘terrorising the community’. This could not be further from the truth.

We provide a wonderful day out for our local community; confirmed in the hundreds of messages we have received thanking us for providing a safe and welcoming environment for all ages. The money we raise provides vital funds for our club. We invest heavily in junior sports in Acomb and across the wider city, and provide a venue for many community events for both young and old.

Our annual fundraiser ensures we are in good financial health; sadly, this is not always the case for sports clubs in these current times. Perhaps Mr Martin would be happy if we were sold off to developers for housing; depriving the city of yet another sports facility?

David Sykes, Ten Thorn Lane, Knapton


How miserable can a person be?

For crying out loud, how miserable can a person be? Noise for one day. After the last two and a half years could poor sleep-deprived Mr Martin not see a shred of happiness in seeing (and hearing) people back out, engaged and enjoying themselves?

Doesn’t Ukraine make a bit of noise seem trivial? I live next to an amenity field and at the end of summer term there is shouting and music until the early hours. But they are happy and it’s once a year.

Chris Shelton, Fulford, York