The National Railway Museum is a huge asset for York and as a parent I’m grateful to the NRM for the many happy hours spent there when my children were young and train-mad.

The site is looking tired in places and I’m therefore delighted there are plans for redevelopment. I am deeply disappointed, however, that this redevelopment, as plans stand, will be at the expense of a key walk/cycle route into town when Leeman Road is stopped up.

The proposed pedestrian-only walkway through the site will be of limited use due to the restrictions imposed and the alternative walk/cycle routes - through York Central and along the river - are deeply unsatisfactory, being indirect, longer and unsuitable for vulnerable users.

In failing to accommodate a direct, unrestricted walk/cycle route through the redeveloped site, the NRM and the council are failing local residents and failing to address their commitments to a sustainable future.

It doesn’t have to be this way: there is still time for the NRM and the council to do the right thing and ensure that direct, unrestricted access for pedestrians and cyclists through the redeveloped site, along the Leeman Road desire line, is retained.

The beautiful but functional walk/cycle route through the heart of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam provides an excellent example of what could be achieved.

Dr Juliet James, York