Oh dear, I see the experts want to change the junction of Piccadilly and Parliament Street etc to make it safer for all (‘Once-in-a-lifetime’ chance to make city centre junction pedestrian-friendly, June 24).

As a pedestrian user of this area on a near daily basis I can’t see a lot wrong with it. We have the old-style ‘green men’ lights to help us cross. No doubt these will disappear once changes are made, so that you have to stand back and look to the side to see these new ones - which are pathetic when most people look in front to see where they are going.

The protective railings on the corner are battered? Well, tell drivers not to hit them and fine them heavily when they do.

They are there to protect pedestrians and stop them walking in the road. Mind you, if the council hadn’t trashed Piccadilly years ago in favour of the car, we wouldn’t have this problem.

Dave Matthewman, Green Lane, Acomb