JOB Adverts for the proposed Linton-on-Ouse refugee camp say such roles are ‘not for the faint hearted.’

They also warn staff may have to deal with violence and death.

A recent advert for a housing officer said the role would include appropriate responses to matters including: “Dealing with urgent medical needs, management of suicide risks, management of domestic violence situations, dealing with violence and anti-social behaviour, dealing with Service User death, management of child safeguarding needs.”

Since then, the post has been re-advertised with it saying:” These roles are not for the faint hearted.”

The later advert also says previous experience from the housing sector is not needed and the roles would suit managers/ supervisors from the hospitality/leisure/gaming, retail and travel sectors.

Government contractor Serco says it has placed ‘a number of adverts’ for staff at RAF Linton but the one that speaks of suicide and violence “is no longer online.”

The company again told the Press its team “will include experienced staff from our other accommodation sites as well as new members of the team.”

Serco continued: “We are building up the team progressively and eventually we will have around 100 people on the site, including security, catering, welfare and support teams.”

The company added: “As you know the Home Office says that there will be up to 1,500 asylum seekers accommodated at RAF Linton and our professional Housing Officers are expected to respond to a variety of issues and circumstances when looking after such a group.”

“As in any large group of people there may tragically be a death. These are very rare and in our experience the vast majority of them are from natural causes.”

The Home Office declined to comment.

Dr Olga Matthias of the Linton-on-Ouse Action Group says the adverts further confirm how a peaceful, small village is unsuited for such a centre.

The university professor says her group has been keeping records of such advertisements, noting different wording and them becoming “a bit more wishy washy”

The adverts make it appear the centre is “a done deal” but she says the government seems to be 'back-tracking' due to the opposition it has faced over the issue.

She called for another government U-turn on the issue, saying it has a 'track-record' of them.

Thirsk and Malton MP Kevin Hollinrake MP said: “It is far from reassuring for the local community that the asylum seekers will include those with these kinds of vulnerabilities and backgrounds and is completely at odds with the promises that have been made that only those with low vulnerabilities will be based on the site.

“It’s yet another example of the Home Office’s inconsistent and confused position on the appropriateness of Linton-on-Ouse as the home for this facility. Had they carried out the required research and consultation it would have become almost immediately apparent that it is totally the wrong place.”