PLANNERS have approved the extension of a York storage company.

Go Store, which began operations on Monks Cross two years ago, can extend its recently completed main warehouse by a further 163.5m2. It can also erect ten individual storage units in the north west of its car park.

A report by council planning staff said the extension would look similar to the existing 1,452m2 building, with the units 'garage like' in appearance, forming an l-shape in the car park.

Their report said: "The proposal would make more efficient use of the land and would be consistent with its function and location.

"The proposed outbuildings are small in scale and would not have a significant impact on light or outlook."

It concluded: "The changes are consistent with the area and site use and subject to the landscaping being implemented would be of an acceptable appearance. The parking and turning layout is considered acceptable for the low key use."

In its application, Go Store commented: "The impetus for this application has arisen from the existing business and the rising demand for self-storage in York and the surrounding area. The new extension and the independent storage units will allow the business to continue their success and their current location, thus reinforcing the image of Monks Cross as a location for successful businesses.”