A POLICE officer has been nominated for a national bravery award after risking her own life to rescue two people from an icy York river.

PC Claire Viney and a colleague were called to reports of a woman in a river in York and immediately rushed to her aid, attempting to pull the woman out, says her nomination for the National Police Bravery Awards.

"In doing so, PC Viney’s colleague slipped into the river and became submerged in the icy water," it says.

"Disregarding her own safety, PC Viney climbed down the riverbank and braced herself in a submerged tree to pull her colleague to shore, whilst also trying to save the life of the woman who had initially entered the water," it said.

"Using effective communication, PC Viney managed to radio for more officers to attend the scene, as well as fire and rescue who helped pull everyone to safety."

PC Viney is one of 76 nominees from 39 forces across England and Wales who will be honoured at the ceremony next month, which celebrates the 'bravest of the brave' and is organised by the Police Federation.

"Every officer we recognise at the Police Bravery Awards is an inspiration and we pay credit to their dedication to duty in the presence of senior officials in government and policing, culminating in a glittering awards ceremony," said a spokesperson.

"Each year we are humbled to receive nominations for officers across 43 force areas - officers who have put the safety of others before themselves. From running into burning buildings, wading into deep waters, tackling armed offenders, being shot at, stabbed, driven at, the list goes on."

PC Viney's efforts have already won plaudits on the federation's Facebook page, with one person commenting: "You are a credit to Police Officers around the UK. Fantastic work and well done," and another saying: "Total respect to a brave officer and her colleagues."

A third commented: "She didn't 'disregard' her own safety. She's a highly trained, intelligent woman who made a dynamic calculated decision based on her risk management training. Well done...Not all heroes wear capes," and another said: "About time police got some great press. Well done PC Viney and colleague."