IN YORK, more than £8.3 million has been so far paid to 55,000 residents as part of the Government’s Council Tax energy rebate programme. But 18,000 have yet to claim.

In Spring this year, the Government announced that residents living in a Council Tax band A–D home and who pay their own energy bills, are eligible for a rebate of £150 to help offset increased energy prices. Eligible residents who pay by Direct Debit and who have matching names on their bank, Direct Debit and Council Tax accounts, have been paid.

Whilst the teams at the council have successfully processed more than 55,000 payments, they are now urging the remaining eligible residents to come forwards to claim their rebates.

Cllr Nigel Ayre, Executive Member for Finance and Major Projects, said: "Our teams worked incredibly hard to process the first rounds of payments, which have now been completed. Thank you too, to all residents who pay by Direct Debit or who have already claimed their rebate.

“No residents will miss out on a payment, with those not applying being automatically credited to their Council Tax account. We are aware, however, in these difficult times many would prefer to have the money available to spend.

“It’s important that those eligible residents who haven’t come forward yet to claim their rebate, do so now. If you live in a band A – D property, you are entitled to claim it, so please do if you haven’t already, and use the cash to help you with rising bills. You won’t have to pay this money back: it is not a loan.”

Anyone living in a Council Tax band A – D property and who has not yet received their rebate, can complete the application form at The form takes 5 minutes to complete.

Residents who can’t get online to apply, can either use computers and support at their nearest York Explore library, call the dedicated support line free on 0300 373 0727, or attend one of the drop-in sessions happening across the city – for venues and times see Council Tax £150 Energy Rebate and Household Support Fund drop-in sessions – City of York Council.

Residents can choose to have the £150 credited to their Council Tax account. This will be done automatically for any household that hasn’t applied for their rebate by October 2022. Anyone without a bank account can contact the council for help setting up an account to receive their payment.