AT one time, councils took pride in their towns and cities with high municipal standards.

City of York Council have taken a different viewpoint in my village of Bishopthorpe.

The grasses are up to a metre in height and really vicious weeds a foot below. What an absolute mess. A complete eyesore.

Bishopthorpe got off to a bad start this year when the first mower cut was a month late - after there was a missed cut from late last year.

Is this all part of a new ‘green’ doctrine of allowing everything to be ‘wild’. Oh, how the council must love this so they can cut something else out of their budget that benefits the community. It’s also a cover for the lazy grass cutters. If it’s pollination well, I haven’t seen one bee on any of it - and what about hay-fever sufferers from grasses?

Why am I paying council tax when the only benefit are the excellent bin crews? My pavement is also a disgrace.

If the council finally come to cut it the three-ganged cylinder mowers will not be able to slice the stick grass - leaving an another unkempt mess.

Keith Massey,