THIS rail strike will cause predictable havoc throughout Britain. Could it have been avoided? Yes!

George Orwell, with his Animal Farm story, predicted our future of this moment where yet again the ruling classes try to enforce a downtrodden sub class - in my opinion!

Let's face it however, the railway workers earn more money than the beggars in our streets, or those eeking out a living on minimum wages. Everywhere working class people are feeling the constraint of life today.

While paying themselves huge bonuses, rail bosses live in cloud cuckoo land to think to create an imbalance within their workforce.

A caring Government would have foreseen this and prevented this strike and intervened.

The obvious solution is to stop sacking valuable business commodities (ie: people) and creating streamlined solutions.

We all know what these are. We, who use the rail service painfully do, but these cloud-fairy-brained rail bosses do not!

Phil Shepherdson,

Woodthorpe, York


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